New Year Intentions

For most people, the new year inspires resolutions, which sounds good, but the truth is they can lead to disappointment when not achieved. That’s because most people don’t have a plan for their resolutions. They simply start listing all the things they want to change in their life without really thinking about how they’re going to do it. Plus, most put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed right out of the gate. One slip up and out goes the resolution—”I failed.”

So instead of resolutions, set new year intentions.

Intentions are internal empowerment versus resolutions that tend to be external goals and rewards. Think of intentions as seeds of creation that help align you with what it is you desire. For example:

Resolution: I want to lose 10 lbs.
Intention: I am grateful for my body and all it lets me experience.

By setting an intention to be kind and grateful to your body versus focusing on what you don’t like about it will shift your frequency from negative to positive. As the law of attraction states, when you’re positive, more positive experiences will come into your life, and if you hold it towards your body, that 10 lbs. will easily come off. That’s because your gratitude will align your energy to appreciate your body more, and with that comes more respect, so you become more aware of what you put into your body and how you move it. As your mind shifts from hating your body to loving it, your body has no other choice than to follow. It is the only way.

To set your new year intentions, you need to be in a state of joy.

Don’t start jotting anything down if you’re in a moment of lack, jealousy, or anger. Your intentions need to be born from happiness, laughter and hope so they’ll be of the same frequency. Look deep into your relationships, your career, and passions to connect with how you can improve and expand on your experience. Get to the core of your desires that will make you happy. These are your intentions. Intentions should empower you to expand your body, mind, and soul.

Once you have your list of intentions, read them every morning. It’s important to begin your day with your intentions. This aligns your energy with what you want, so as you go about your day, the law of attraction, through people, places, and events, will bring to you more of what you desire. Now this is life on Earth, so from time to time, you’ll hit some speedbumps where you stop believing or lose faith. A great way to get realigned quickly is with a mantra. It’s a short yet powerful saying that supports your intention. Here are some examples:

Weight Loss:

I commit to living in perfect health.
I choose foods that help me thrive.
My body is a magnificent vehicle that connects me to spirit.


Money flows into my life with ease and grace.
There is an abundance of money and it’s on its way to me today.
I am a money magnet.


I am the source of my own inner healing.
My true self leads me to an inspired life.
I am whole, perfect, powerful, loving, and happy, just as I am.
My struggle has ended.


I am an expert in my field. I lead the way.
Every day I deepen my knowledge and strengthen my skills.
Today I rise.

Mantras are powerful. They have a similar effect as The Force from Star Wars. Just as a Jedi closes their eyes to connect with the Force, you too are connecting to your source when you say a mantra. What may seem like movie magic, the power of belief is quite real.

A new year is like a breath of fresh air, a chance to reset and align with your desires. Resolutions may have good intentions, but intentions themselves work better.  That’s because real change starts from within. Let your heart guide your new year intentions so you may have the best year of your life yet.


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