Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life

We all get the urge to start cleaning our homes when spring emerges each year. We open the windows and “shake out our house.” Whether we reorganize closets, clean up the dust, or scrub the floors, there’s excitement in welcoming the new season. That’s because spring brings rebirth and renewal as Mother Earth awakens from its winter slumber. Just as the trees and plants begin to sprout new growth, you too emerge from the cold and dark months with increased vitality and inspiration to simply “do.” Your instinct to thrive blossoms with possibilities and eagerness. So this is the perfect time to spring clean your life as well, by dusting and organizing your thoughts and feelings, intentions, and routines. Here are three ways you can clean up your life this spring.

Shed Negative Emotions

In spring, the rain not only helps feed new plant growth, but it also washes away winter’s stagnant energy. It cleanses the air and earth, initiating new life and growth. Use this process to cleanse and shed unwanted emotions that may still be lingering from winter or beyond.

A fun way to do this is when it rains, visualize it washing over your body, from head to toe, cleansing and removing your negative emotions, and replacing it with light and love.

Each spring, you can be reborn by washing away blame, guilt, regret, sadness, anger, or fear. Let go of people, places, or events that no longer serve you so you can make space for those that do. Let go of habits that don’t allow you to grow. With each rain, you will feel lighter and lighter.

Revisit Your Intentions

I always felt like spring is when we should set our new year intentions, versus the middle of winter. With spring’s energy on our side, I think we have a better chance of success in staying true to them. So if you set new year intentions or resolutions in January, revisit them now. How have you been doing? Is there room for improvement? What have you learned in the past months that could help you do better now? Do you want to change your intentions? Use spring’s renewal energy to tighten up your intentions or spark new ones.

A vision board can help get and keep you on track.

You can do it physically by pasting photos of your desires to a board that hangs on your wall or fridge, or you can do it digitally and make it your computer or phone wallpaper. Either way, take time each day to look at it and visualize, feel, and give love to each desire like you already have it. Then go about your day holding onto those feelings of love and gratitude. Get in the flow of spring’s renewal energy, and it will help you achieve your intentions.

Shake Up Your Routine

Spring has a basic routine each year; Leaves on trees begin to bud, bulb flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow, baby birds and animals are born, and so on. Every action is part of a whole system that has one end goal: thrive. This is a good time to look at your routines and ensure it supports your end goal or goals, whatever they might be. It could be spending more time with your family. It could be finishing that project you started a year ago. It could be learning a new language. Whatever it is that will help you thrive. We all get stuck in rut routines sometimes, especially coming out of winter. We tend to be more lazy and inward during the cold months. So shake it up this spring. You can shuffle things around, reduce time spent on specific activities, or do something new.

Take a good hard look at your routines and make sure they are in alignment with your intentions and desires.

Every action you take can either bring you closer to what you want or pull you farther apart. And every day you have another chance to make a change.

I hope these three simple things will inspire you to live a more authentic life full of happiness and wonder. Spring is a magical season full of life reborn and renewed energy. Take advantage of what Mother Earth gives us year after year—a reminder that we too can be reborn and revived, and if we allow it, grow effortlessly in the warm sun.


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