The Meaning of Envy

Envy is the biggest emotional indicator of misalignment with your desires. An envious vibration, held long enough, is destructive. It can cause you to spiral into the darkness of judging, comparing, and a world of lack. Simply defined, envy is an amplified awareness of something wanted while standing in a place of believing that you either don’t have it or can’t get it. The opposite of envy is security, and security comes with self-alignment—that unwavering faith in pure positive energy and belief that everything is as it should be. It has nothing to do with anyone else. When misaligned, your ego can take over and cause separation between not only others but with your true self, resulting in more negative emotions.

So how do you handle envious feelings?

First, it’s important to acknowledge that even when you are aligned and feeling really good about yourself and your life, there will be people, places, and events that trigger you to feel envious. No one is void of envy. You are a deliberate creator, always wanting to expand, and you live in a physical world full of beautiful things. It’s natural to feel envy from time to time. The trick is not letting the ego take over.

Any negative emotion is an indicator that what you want and where you are aren’t on the same vibrational frequency.

There’s misalignment. You know when you’re misaligned because you feel bad, and you know when you’re aligned because you feel good. However, as mentioned, it’s normal to fall in and out of alignment throughout your lifetime. You’re supposed to feel negative emotions, that’s called contrast. It’s in the contrast that you expand; it teaches and connects you to a deeper meaning and harmony with your existence.

A feeling of envy is your inner being yearning for change or something new. It’s making you aware of something you deeply desire and need to address in order to expand. So when that negative emotion starts to come on, acknowledge it, and become fully aware of your feelings in that moment, release the ego, and find meaning in the emotion. Ask yourself questions like:

“Why is this triggering envy?”
“What is it that I really want and why?”
“How can I please this desire?”

By bringing your attention inward, you’re able to pull your negative vibration away from the trigger. It’s when you hold your attention to the lack that causes your emotions to spiral into sadness and despair.

So if alignment brings security which wards off envy, how do you become more aligned? The quickest way is unconditional gratitude. Being grateful for all the good and wonderful things in your life shifts your frequency to that of positivity, appreciation, and abundance. It focuses your energy on what you have. This state of mind produces feelings of happiness, love, and contentment. When you walk through life in a “pink bubble” of gratitude, anything that triggers a negative emotion can be quickly acknowledged and processed, furthering your expansion through awareness and healing.

Look at envy as a mirror of your desires.

When you see or hear something that evokes a feeling of envy, don’t be sad or angry. You’re being triggered to address a longing deep inside, something that will most likely change your life, either in a small or profound way. Once you master your energy, envious feelings won’t feel so heavy. Remember, emotions are your greatest indicator of living your best life.


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